When will the Living Room Film Festival take place?
14 & 15 October 2022 in Leeuwarden.

How much does a ticket cost?
A ticket for one screening costs €6.50. Children’s programs are free!

When does ticket sales start? 
Tickets are for sale from September 2022

What kind of films does the festival screen?
We screen the best short films from Europe at the film festival, programmed by various programmers want to join the special ‘Show don’t tell’ programming team? check this out (only applicable if you are aged 15-22). Shorts are films that are a maximum of 30 minutes long. We screen animation, fiction and documentary films. These are shown within various film programmes(1-2 hours), in which about five to eight short films are shown around one theme.

What language are the films?
We show the best shorts from all around Europe. So the language of each film varies. All films are screened in their original language with English subtitles. In this way the screenings are accessible for as many people as possible.

How old do you have to be to watch a program?
Almost all film programs are suitable from 16 years old. There are a few programs that require you to be 18 years old, this is stated with the program.

Are the programs also suitable for children?
Yes, there are specific programs for 3+, 6+ and 10+. This is stated in the program.

Can I also buy food & drinks with the film?
This varies by location. Some locations sell food & drinks for during the screening. Others may ask you to bring your own. Take a good look at what your location offers.

How do I sign up my living room?
Do you want to participate? sign up here!

Is my home suitable?
In principle, any house is eligible, as long as it has at least four walls and a ceiling. An office space, a church or an old barn is also possible. It is useful to have a laptop and a good internet connection.

What do I get if I make my living room available?
The coziest evening of the year, a percentage of the money that the tickets bring in, plus €10,- per screening.